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Justeen Dormer

Justeen Dormer_Director & Principal Lawyer.png

Justeen has experience in all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation in various courts and tribunals in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, domestic and international arbitration, mediation and conciliation.


Matthew Hamlin

Matthew Hamlin_Lawyer.png

Matthew is a litigator with experience acting for both individuals and private companies in a broad range of matters including complex commercial disputes, matters involving breaches of director's duties, shareholders disputes, contractual disputes, fraud and negligence.


Stephanie Bamgbose

Stephanie Bamgbose_Paralegal.png

Stephanie is a law student in her final year at Macquarie University and has been a part of the Dormer Stanhope team since 2022.


Thea Villanueva

Thea is the girl in the background. Her role requires her to wear many hats to provide support to the lawyers and paralegals allowing them to focus on the essential task of practising law. She undertakes a diverse range of responsibilities including HR, IT and equipment, office procedures, and administration to oversee the proper running of the practice.

Thea Villanueva_Practice Manager.png


David Sefton

David Sefton_Consultant 2.png

David has a vast amount of experience representing corporate clients in the areas of employment, energy and resources, insurance, mergers & acquisitions, litigation & dispute resolution, occupational health & safety, product liability and preventative law & legal risk management.


Natasha Tan

Natasha Tan_Lawyer.png

Natasha has amassed considerable experience in a wide range of areas including employment, refugee, discrimination, and succession law. She has worked with clients at all levels from big corporations to government bodies to individual people.


Melanie Lindsay

Melanie Lindsay_Paralegal.png

Melanie has recently joined the Dormer Stanhope team as a Paralegal, bringing with her experience in family law, criminal law, and litigation.


Edward Favis

Edward Favis_Administration & Marketing Assistant.png

Edward joined Dormer Stanhope in 2022. Aside from carrying-out administrative tasks and making sure our marketing efforts are being monitored, he is also the “IT guy” and the “handyman” in the office. Edward is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades.


In his free time, he enjoys playing PC games and riding downhill on his mountain bike.

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