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Contesting a Will, Family Provision Claims

Family Provision Claims & Contesting a Will

If you believe a will is valid, but have received no or minimal provision from the estate, you may be eligible to make a family provision claim.

Probate, Letters of Administration

Probate &
Letters of Administration

We can help you make an application for Letters of Administration or we can help you obtain a grant of Probate.

Defending a Will

Defending a Will

If you are an executor or beneficiary of a will and have received notice that someone is contesting or challenging the will, we can help you defend it.

Challenging a Will

Challenging a Will

If you have doubts about the validity of a will, we can help you challenge it.

Will Dispute Lawyers Reviews

Dormers Staff were very kind and supportive, always seemed to have my best interests at heart, and they helped me through the process. I can't thank them enough and I will highly recommend their services as they did as much as anyone could do for me.

Marylyn Moir

Will Dispute Lawyrs Reviews